In the heart of the Mediterranean and Italy is Tuscany, and Tuscany’s soul is Siena. Located between the sea and the mountains, Siena is a place where cultures coexist in harmony.

The land

Between the sea and mountains are soft rolling hills. Depending on the season, there are expanses of green, golden yellow, brown or just pure white. A rich and colourful land keeps its balance between man, nature, and an economy established on agriculture and tourism.


Between nature and man is the Land. In balance with the forests, fields and houses come together in small cities tailored to man and suited to living in perfect harmony.

The mirror

Glass has existed for thousands of years. And so has the mirror. However, glass mirrors have only been around for a few centuries. And as the quality of glass improved, so did the quality of the mirrors. Now that flat glass has reached quality levels nearing perfection, glass mirrors are almost perfect as well. The image reflected by a mirror is now clear, not distorted or altered. But perhaps this perfection has partly subdued the pervasive magic of reflection. The mirror no longer embodies the “discovery” of Narcissus or the “peculiarity” of Alice. The mirror is much more “faithful” and much less “magical”. It is the “antique” mirror that retains the appealing and subtlety hypnotic magic, with its markings and opacities created by the passing time, reflecting a profound, uncertain, fascinating and slightly mysterious image. The face we see is still our own, in its essence, but the image seems to be filtered by time, by a past that is part of our image. As if the depths of the mirror can retain our past aces together with slightly mysterious memories.

The history

The “antique” mirror is magical. Antique Mirror decided to harness this sixth sense and put the ancient allure back into modern mirrors by restoring the hint of magic that has been taken away by modern technical perfection. This goal is achieved by playing with oxidation and by the masterful use of a “black” background, which evokes watery depths. As these techniques have evolved, abstract coloured designs have been added to transform the mirror from its original function as a “medium” of images into a decorative element that can also be used (even eminently so) to build or just enhance our environments. Ancient knowledge and an innate culture, together with modern business sense, have enabled an aesthetically “artistic” activity to be taken to an advanced industrial level. Antique Mirror “industrially” produces multiple products that are “artistically” similar but not identical. Experience and technique, motivated by high levels of creativity and imagination, have produced an incredibly wide range of possibilities for using silvered and decorated flat glass.


For more than fourty years, Antique Mirror has dedicated itself to researching and creating special products in the flat glass industry. All our sheets and mosaics are produced in the factory in Sovicille (Siena) using particular patented procedures and only artisan techniques. Each product, while similar in nature, is unique and unrepeatable. The Company distinguishes itself by attention and respect towards the environment by following an ecological set of rules and using renewable energy. Antique Mirror exports through agents and directly to retailers throughout the world.