The constant research in the creation of decorative mirrors through artisanal processes has given rise to this unique mirror. Overwhelming and irresistible, the Arcobaleno mirror has been used in countless design projects. Examples include the Lounge area in Hotel Bel Air by Rockwell Group located in Los Angeles or the Pedro del Hierro clothing boutique in Madrid designed by Martín Proyectos.


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For the packaging of our standard 1250 x 2450 mm sheets, we use wooden crates and pallets of a fixed size. The minimum order quantity is 8 slabs, even in mixed colours. There is the possibility of obtaining even a single sheet, but the pick up must take place for loose material, therefore with a special stand for glasses.

The composition of the complete cases varies according to the thickness, as shown in the label here. Our packaging is suitable for both sea and air transport, in Europe and abroad thanks to the FAO treatment.