Marco Gavotto

“With Antique Mirror products it is possible to reduce the design of an object to the bone without ever falling into banality: thanks to the colours and shades of each slab, a piece that is easy to make and to reproduce becomes unique and iconic.”

Michel Giughese

“These mirrors can take you to another dimension. Superfine and precious, they give elegance and shine to any type of environment. I work with them because they have a very wide variety of combinations and colours: thanks to Antique Mirror I can go beyond matter.”

Myriam Kuehne Rauner

“A world of Illusion created with mirrors and glass elements intended to evoke emotions and surprise.”

Cristina Celestino

“The mirrors of Antique Mirror are among my favorite materials: they filter reality and provide a magically transfigured image. Color and patina are unique and different from slab to slab. I frequently use Tramonto, where the intense tones of amber and the saffron still give clear mirrored images, and Polvere di Stelle, in which the magic of golden fragments stands out against a deep amber-pink background.”

Marko Macura & Ingeborg van Uden

Marko was born in Belgrade and is now living with Ingeborg in the Netherlands. He is co-owner of his private studio and Creative Director at Philips Design. Ingeborg is native Dutch, co-owner of studio Macura and an independent trend consultant. “Antique mirror as a material and resource intrigued us with its versatility. Its name suggests a crafted antique material but the reality is that the palette, depth of reflection and richness of finish allow for an endless choice of contemporary application, be it within product, interior or architectural designs”.

Nima Aminialeagha

He was born in Tehran and studied at Accademia delle Belle Arti (Italy). His concept design has the goal to transform simple shapes into tridimensional ones. He and his staff work on unique art pieces and prestigious interior design projects. He’s worked as Art Director in Antique Mirror since 2014.

Karim Rashid

Born in Egypt and raised in Canada, he now resides in New York. He is one of the most prolific designers of his generation with a design studio in New York and Amsterdam. “The potential is endless, mirrors are endless, and the complexity of finishes, surface treatments, colors, and tints is very inspiring”.

Giorgio Oikonomoy

He is a multidisciplinary talent: painter, sculptor and architect, he was born in Greece and he’s now working in Genoa. “Antique Mirror projects the charm of the ‘fourth dimension’, arousing metaphysical emotions thereby creating unexpected and dreamlike settings”.

Jacco Bregonje

He studied architecture and industrial design in Holland and lives in Italy since 1992. His studio works for international clients on product design, interior design and branding. He is Art Director for Antique Mirror since 2007. “The mirrors of Antique Mirror are such a complex material, but applied in the right context they seem to be able to give that “uniqueness” to your designs”.

Svetlana Shellshear

Ukrainian born and London based designer, Svetlana is educated as an architect. Her experimentation with luxury materials led her to establish her own design company, Vivida Interiors, in 2008. “Antique Mirror glasses are the most beautiful mesmerizing materials imaginable. I fell in love with them as soon as saw them for the first time”.

Maxime Ansiau

“The beauty and depth of Antique Mirror products strongly reminds me of crystals, minerals and precious stones. Choosing from the wide range of colors and effects of their products I have tried to reconstruct this fascinating crystalline architecture. Each single piece of mirror is digitally cut and then re-assembled by hand.”

Davide Medri

“It was amazing working with Antique Mirror products; especially the Golden Antique. Using these gorgeous colors inspired me to create several special items.”

David Derksen & Lex Pott

“Transnatural Label & designers started to collaborate with Antique Mirror in 2014. Since the production of the Transience mirrors is executed by Antique Mirror, our products have improved significantly both qualitatively and quantitatively. The staff and employers are highly motivated to offer assistance and to solve complex procedures. It’s a huge pleasure to work with AM.”